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Category: Quotes

September 3, 2015

War and peace ... and other stuff

Just posted this as a comment on Dave Rowlands' Facebook post. Thought it was meme-worthy so I'll create a meme for it soon and see what happens: "The sooner we stop thinking that killing our opponents ends the argument, the... More
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July 3, 2011

How to succeed at anything

"Champions just work harder, practice longer; they are tougher, more resilient and more focused than the average performers; and they are relentless in pursuing their dreams." - Phil "Gus" Gould. Taken from this article about Darren Lockyer. He's talking about... More
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October 13, 2009

The nature of love

Great quote from an interview with my buddy Derek Sivers: If you think love needs to look like “Romeo and Juliet”, you’ll overlook a great relationship that grows slowly. This is so true, and particularly pertinent to my own recent... More
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September 16, 2009

Nigel Tufnel on Joe Satriani ...

"You can't really be jealous of something you can't fathom." Love it! Nigel Tufnel talks about Joe Satriani and how they got on together in this classic clip. No idea where it came from or what it's doing but it's... More
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March 31, 2009

Accurate sarcasm ...

Just read this little snippet from Techdirt, which notes that since the German School shooting a lot of people, including a Police Chief, have called for a ban on violent video games - citing a link between them and school... More
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December 28, 2007

Being not boring

I was at the Art of Record Production conference at QUT last week and listened to Hank Shocklee talk about the creation of Public Enemy. It's an amazing story and Hank was very open, frank and forthcoming about the music... More
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December 21, 2007

Coke or Moonshine?

David Byrne, formerly of Talking of Talking Heads, had a great piece published in Wired, in which he examines the future of the music industry and maps out some strategies for independent artists. Packed with real data and analysis, it... More
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November 28, 2007

Playing to 20,000 people

The other night I went to see Kaki King play at the Powerhouse in Brisbane. She was interesting, though a little wet for my taste. The girl can certainly play guitar ... Anyway, in the midst of a huge name-dropping... More
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September 28, 2007

Keeping fans' interest

At IMC, one of the more unexpectedly interesting perspectives came from David Cooper, who's an accountant. He specialises in making stuff to help artists at the back end - the accounting and management jobs that most artists struggle with. We... More
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September 27, 2007

How to stand out in the crowd

Jim Fetzer was great for a quote at the Independent Music Conference. At one stage we were discussing the difficult issue of how a band can get people to notice them in this world that is flooded with acts doing... More
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September 26, 2007

Have the confidence to be rejected

Got this one from Derek Sivers' website. Derek's an incredible guy who I had the honour to meet a couple of Big Sound Conferences ago. He knows what it takes to be in independent artist and delights in helping indies... More
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September 25, 2007

Keep your eyes on the prize ...

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September 24, 2007

Confidence to be rejected

Got this one from Derek Sivers' website. Derek's an incredible guy who I had the honour to meet a couple of Big Sound Conferences ago. He knows what it takes to be in independent artist and delights in helping indies... More
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Why should people care??

Jim Fetzer has a unique approach to managing Indie bands ... or any band, for that matter. He has an interesting take on life. But in one of the IMC07 panels, he made the point that for all the new... More
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September 23, 2007

Words you will never hear ...

At the IMC07 I attended a session on song arrangement run by Lawrence "Gelboni" Gelburd. It was very informative. He basically just showed us how he had re-worked a song by a band he was helping. The song was already... More
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September 18, 2007

The Big Picture

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July 18, 2007


One of my pet hates in this life is bureaucrats who see their existsnce and jobs as an end in themsleves. I have no problem with the need for bureaucrats - someone needs to take responsibility for delivering administration services... More
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July 16, 2007

Music and dancing ...

Got this one from my supervisor, Steve Dillon, the other day. He's not sure where it came from but it's a beaut. Perfectly captures the futility of most forms of cultural critique: "Writing about music is like dancing architecture" Damn... More
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May 1, 2007

Peter Costello

Brilliant quote I heard that was attributed to Paul Keating, who's notorious for his creative insults: "The thing about poor old Costello is he is all tip and no iceberg." I heard it had been used at the ALP National... More
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April 22, 2007

Live vs virtual music ...

Here's a great expression attributed to Warner Music Group's Lyor Cohen in Forbes magazine. He's talking about the A&R process adopted by the major labels and how online connectivity can be faked by bands wanting a deal. As much as... More
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April 18, 2007

Well said, Bernard!

I was reading an interview with Powderfinger from last weekend's Australian about their new album, Lost and Running, this morning, and there's this quote in it from Bernard Fanning (he was talking about writing his solo album, Tea and Symphony):... More
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April 5, 2007

Songwriting emotions

Found this one via a Blogging Muses post that quoted Ananova.com. It's from Bono and about songwriting: "Feelings are stronger than ideas or words in a song. You can have 1000 ideas, but unless you capture an emotion, it's an... More
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February 28, 2007

Bye, Bye, Billy

Awful news this morning about the passing of Billly Thorpe. The world is a lesser place without this great performer and character. I wasn't into his music much but I enjoyed what I knew of it and respect anyone who... More
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November 22, 2006

Opportunity and power

This one came up in a conversation today. Dr Terry Flew and I were discussing the future appointment of a colleague to QUT and I was interested in how negotiations had panned out over a couple of sticking points in... More
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August 18, 2006

Summing up Leyton Hewitt

Caught the new Channel 10 show David Tench Tonight last night. It was mostly pretty egotistical and forgettable, though worth keeping an eye on. The show's website says he's returned to Australia after broadcasting in the US for years -... More
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August 9, 2006

An inspiration to this site, and a lot of others

Wayne Bennett's book, "Don't Die With the Music in You", was one of the main reaons I decided to pursue my current course of action. Personally, the title was very applicable because I'd pretty much resigned myself to doing exactly... More
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July 4, 2006

Changing the world?

Quote from Nassim Taleb: "You may not be able to change the world but can at least get some entertainment & make a living out of the epistemic arrogance of the human race." I shall have to remember that one... More
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May 11, 2006

To true, Bert!

Quote apprearing in today's Australian Media liftout: "We're celebrting tonight 50 years of Australian television. And concurrently, of course, 50 years of American television on Australian television." - Bert Newton at the Logies. Sickening! It would be a joke if... More
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May 5, 2006

The pain of songwriting

Just bought a copy of Tunesmith by Jimmy Webb. I've only just started it, but on page 2 he's discussing the difference between amateurs and professionals, and how amateurs fail to appreciate the amout of work needed to write a... More
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April 18, 2006

Artistic threats?

"The greatest threat to an artist is obscurity, not piracy" Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing. Cory absolutely right, but the major labels want to draw attention to the issue that affects them and maintain the obscurity of artists not signed to... More
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April 12, 2006

Getting old

From Keith Richards via the Sydney Morning Herald: "Getting old is a fascinating thing. The older you get the older you want to be." Damn straight, and ironic coming from a guy who has done his best never to get... More
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November 25, 2005

Schools, bombs and cakes stalls

"It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need, and the Air Force has to hold a cake stall to buy a bomber." --Unknown Came across this quote many years ago and have always... More
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October 13, 2005

Never a truer word

Got some fairly sombre e-mails from my mate Phil Graham yesterday. He's in Canada for work but has had enough and wants to return to sunny Brisbane. Among other things, I suggested there was a song in one of the... More
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