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November 6, 2019

12 Good Bars and True - Rewrite and feedback

OK, so this is great but a little confusing. As discused, I re-wrote 12 Good Bars and True and re-mixed it using a different DAW and a new understanding of sound production. Sent this version to NSAI for feedback:

I asked for it to be considered for someone else to record in the "other" category this time, since there's no Blues category. Here's what they said this time (same reviewer, btw):


Song Title - 12 Good Bars and True - Rewrite

I am recognizing this writer as "One to Watch".

Evaluators Comments -
EVALUATORS OPENING: Welcome to the evaluation service at NSAI. Thanks for
your submission. I am evaluator xxxxxx. Please keep in mind that my evaluation
is my professional opinion. My intention is to help you to be the best
songwriter you can be. Hopefully my comments will help you towards that goal.

FORM/STRUCTURE: You have the right structure

TITLE/HOOK: It's a good hook. You use it in a memorable way.

LYRIC: This is working much better.

OVERALL THEME/IDEA: Good theme. This can work for the blues market.

MELODY/METER (IF APPLICABLE): Good blues melodies and feel. Cool solo.

CLOSING COMMENTS: This draft is cool. It's much easier to understand and it
has a good flow. Keep up the good work.


OK, so ... great!! Nothing to improve from that feedback ... recognised again as "One to Watch" again ... but noway to progress from here.

So ... how is this not improvable but also not "ready to pitch" and how do I go about finding someone to record it?

I asked the helpful people at NSAI and they said the feedback process is not interactive - fair enough - and advised me to use on of the other development tools, mentoring or song critique, if I wanted further advice. Fair enough. Will do.

For good measure, I entered this version into the QMAs in the Blues/Roots category just to see what would happen. I'm not hopeful, though, because the QMAs tend to go to young cool acts doing interesting things rather than crusty old buggers poking fun at a classic genre.

On a whim I entered it in the International Songwriting Contest, too. In the "Blues" category. You never know - someone in that world might get the joke and think it's worth promoting.

Speaking of which, if you get the joke in this song and video (hint, it's in the photos), then please comment below, and share this as widely as you can with people who might also appreciate the joke.

My next strategy is to hit up all of the radio programs who played "Dad Joke Blues" and see if they're interested in it. I guess it doesn't hurt to follow up with people who've liked your song before, right?

As always, let me know what you think in the comments ... I'm keen for some feedback on this sort of thing.

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