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You can gain from helping Huge

Huge doesn't pretend to have a mortgage on every good idea - he needs help from everybody. The most important thing you can do is tell everyone about this service and this music. E-mail everyone in your address book, talk to your friends and colleagues, ring your radio station (did I miss anything?).

More specifically, click below if you are:

A fan or sympathiser
A songwriter or performer
A producer or DJ
A music industry professional

Fans and sympathisers

Fans and sympathisers can help in any way you can think of. Suggest something. I'd love to hear any remixes you make of my recordings, or see photos yuo've taken of my shows, or whatever. You can also buy Huge's creations, and/or attend Huge's gigs. To keep up to date with those, you need to .

Songwriters and performers

If you are, like me, a frustrated songwriter who thinks they've written some damn good songs but can't get a look-in from a publisher, send me your stuff. I'm happy to discuss ways you can improve it or use it to build a music business. If I like it, I'll record and sell it and you'll get part of the proceeds (at a much better rate than you'll get from any record company!). I am completely trustworthy, as the others who've lent me their songs will attest.

Producers and DJs

If you're interested in re-using, remixing or sampling any of these songs, please let me know and I'll give you whatever help you need. Furthermore, if you send me your efforts, we can add it to the music available from this site - and you'll get part of the proceeds. Before you do, though, make sure you've read my legal stuff.

Music Industry professionals needed!

I hate working alone and love collaboratively. I need, among other things, a good lawyer, manager, agent, promoter, publisher and distributor. If you are one, or know a good one, let me know.

Who's Huge? / / Huge's Music / / Huge's Shop / / Huge's Blog / / Hire Huge / / Help Huge / / Huge's Podcast / / Blogroll Me!