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September 15, 2018

TEDxQUT - Thanks everyone

TEDxQUT ... WOW! What an experience. I must thank so many people:

  • Caitlin and Emily, a wonderful organisation team and a very smooth event. Well done.
  • Karyn and Jan, writing and performance coaches, this would have been an incoherent ramble without you.

To everyone who applauded and/or sang along at my lunchtime show, thanks. That was very special and I will never forget it. If you'd like to stay in touch for news of my various projects and future shows and, pop your email in the "Stay in Touch" box to the left of this - OR like our label's Facebook page.

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September 3, 2018

Week 9 update - getting places at last

Got to spend lots of time on music this week - but not enough, still ...

Hugemusic-Time_Tool_Wk9.pngMost of this was reworking "Forever Mine" for the Tetrafasi demo, but a little was on writing another idea that came to me. I also got to hang at the Maleny Music Festival and meet some amazing musicians and a few old friends and acquaintences.

That sort of things is so inspiring and I wish I could do it more. The trick to affording it is to volunteer to work there for a bit. Most major festivals will give you a free ticket if you volunteer to help out. I did two 4-hour shifts in the Platypus Bar. Easy peasy while listening to the awesome tunes in front of me.

Hit of the festival for me was Cigany Weaver - Gypsy Jazz. An incredible array of extraordinary musicians who are tight and extremely energetic. Between the incredible playing and the singer, Jo's, voice (WOW! what an instrument!) these guys are truly world class. They pulled so many peopple to their last show at the Platypus that security had to stop people entering the building for fear of an emergency.

Anyhoo, the music for "Forever mine" is now recorded/prgrammed. I need to re-write the lyrics and re-record the vocals. Nothing too it with the help of the NSAI feedback - right?!?! I also have to step up the practice for my TEDx talk next weekend ... I just have to overcome a renewed commitment to day job time as my second teaching gig starts up next week!!

Do you go to festivals? What do you get out of the experience? Tell us in the comments below.

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