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December 5, 2012

Whiskey and History

In recent years I've spent many nights contemplating my life and future by the fire in my back yard. This has been an important part of my recovery from my divorce and associated trauma, and has all too frequently been accompanied by some self-medication.

One night while I was reflecting on what I'd been reflecting on, I realised it was my history, inspired by whiskey. I wrote that down and it morphed into Whiskey and History in my head. I sat on that concept for a long time and came up with a heap of melodic and rhythmic ideas that didn't quite fit. Then, one night I started riffing on the A chord and accidentally hit the D above it - this riff was born. A forgettable date that made me realise I was not ready for dating gave me the first line and the rest write itself in 24 hours.

It debuted at the Dalby RSL heat of the Global Battle of the Bands, at which I was asked to be a judge and play a short set. When JMC Academy ran out of songs to record for their Integration project this year, I put this song forward as a possibility and my great friend and colleague, Colin Webber, agreed to produce a version. I like the way that's coming up and will post it here when it's finished. Colin says he's making a video of the recording, so that will end up on YouTube or Facebook or something. I'm also recording an acoustic version of it and will put up an MP3 ASAP.

Here's the recording I made with the wonderful students at JMC Academy in Brisbane, and here's a live version from the Australian Songwriters Association Wax Lyrical night on 19 Feb 2013:

Whiskey and History

Made a mess. Made a fool of myself again.
Thinking back. Wonder what happened back then.
I can't see. Eyes kinda misty.
I know one thing will always be good to me.

My whiskey and history
Got my whiskey and history

Broken bones, broken hearts, broken dreams.
Memory's clear. The future ain't what it seems.
All alone when life stops the party.
I got one thing that's always good company.

Got my whiskey and history
Bring me whiskey with history
When I'm there life ain't a mystery. No.
With my whiskey and history.

Slam it down! Take us back where we used to be.
Laugh out loud by the fire. Toast sobriety.
One more shot will take me where I want to be ...

Making friends. Making noise. Making love.
Hanging out. Hanging in. Hand in glove.
No regrets, just more drinking stories.
Those were good times, we made great memories.

Making whiskey and history
Bring me whiskey with history
When I'm here life makes more sense to me. Yeah.
Making whiskey and history.

With a little help from my friends ...

Got my whiskey and history
Whiskey and history
It's always been good to me ...


Please note: This song is APRA registered: Work ID GW43726157; ISWC T-061388735-6. You can copy, reproduce and distribute any part of these lyrics and chords for any non-commercial purpose as long as you acknowledge its source. I'm interested in your feedback, comments, suggestions. If you make something good out of it, let me know and I'll consider adding it to this site.

If you perform it or broadcast it for any purpose, please let APRA know.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License

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Posted by Huge at December 5, 2012 4:44 PM

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