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October 5, 2012

Red Hot

I have always loved what John Butler does. I'm not a big fan of his songs as a general rule, but some of them are awesome and his playing is always incredible. Ditto Keith Urban, so when I saw their duet on Funky TonightI was awestruck - it's an incredible performance.

I wanted to write something similarly up-tempo and danceable with a cool bluesy groove. One day I got this idea for a slow intro that didn't go anywhere but stuck in my head. I had no real idea what a Red Hot Blow was but it could have been a show featuring awesome musicians playing really great danceable music, so I kept it.

Some years later I was mucking about with the deep E string on my acoustic guitar and came up with the riff and a bit of a chord progression idea. I had invited a JMC Academy performance student and Indie Muso, Shanon Watkins, over for a songwriting session after his show and we riffed on it for a bit. He came up with a melody and we blocked out some rough lyrics. I had enough to work with and finished it over the next few months. It debuted at the Generator 9 event last August and has been polished since. I'm recording an acoustic version in January and will make it available ASAP.

Here's a live version from the Australian Songwriters Association Wax Lyrical night at Alhambra Lounge on 19 Feb 2013:

Red Hot

There's a red hot blow going down tonight.

There's a red hot blow.

And if there's gonna be a red hot blow tonight,

Well one thing I know,

Is, uh - Lord, Oh, Lord ... I gotta go.

Let's go!

There's a little place I know we can goooo ... yeah!
Band is cookin'. Playin' hot. Time moves slooooow ... yeah!
Women, wine, we're feelin' fine.
It's a Red Hot Blow x 3
Red Hot!

Angel face struts on in, ain't looking for lonely ... No!
Legs, hips, curves and lips ain't ain't there for me only ... No!
She got cold blue steely eyes.
And a red hot glow x 3
She's Red Hot!

Come on baby girl. Take my haaaand ... now.
I'll take care of you. Just like you plaaaaned ... now.
Baby please ... come close to me, then we'll.
Take it slow x 3
Cos you're Red Hot!


Please note: This song is APRA registered: Work ID GW26405888; ISWC T-060533104-1. You can copy, reproduce and distribute any part of these lyrics and chords for any non-commercial purpose as long as you acknowledge its source. I'm interested in your feedback, comments, suggestions. If you make something good out of it, let me know and I'll consider adding it to this site.

If you perform it or broadcast it for any purpose, please let APRA know.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License

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Posted by Huge at October 5, 2012 3:49 PM

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