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September 6, 2015

What's been happening?

OK, so it's been far too long since I updated this site about general things. Much has happened that will be detailed in following posts, but here's a quick run-down on the status quo:

  1. I have a girlfriend. Sue. She's awesome and we are planning big things together. With her love and support maybe some of the dreams, goals and ambitions this blog has spelled out over the years will come to pass. I will do everything in my power to ensure that hers do, too. We are a partnership ... at last.
  2. Huge has recorded all the guitars for a new solo acoustic album. This is part of a four-album series I've been working on for a while and am recording in my new-and-improved home studio. Track listing, credits, and live show details will follow.
  3. I am teaching part-time and QUT and Think. All sorts of fun things with wonderful people and interesting students. A new opportunity has arisen at the Qld Conservatorium that I will take very seriously and apply for. We'll see what happens ...
  4. I am still Brisbane Regional Coordinator for the Australian Songwriters Association. Enjoying it very much. To find out more, visit our Facebook Page. Some of the ASA songriters' work is slated for the new album.
  5. Huge has been writing songs again and will post more here when they're ready. Most of them will be on the new album. Some will have to wait to be polished.
  6. Dr Huge is in negotiations to bring his book (How the Record industry Got it So Wrong) and workshop (The Step-by-Step Music Career) to a whole new level via working with Q Music. Many details to be figured out and discussions around what's possible - but the possibilities are exciting!

That'll do for the moment. I apologise for the long break in transmission, but stay tuned ... big things will follow.

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September 3, 2015

War and peace ... and other stuff

Just posted this as a comment on Dave Rowlands' Facebook post. Thought it was meme-worthy so I'll create a meme for it soon and see what happens:

"The sooner we stop thinking that killing our opponents ends the argument, the sooner we will move towards lasting peace ..."

I think it's pertinent to all of the conflicts around the world at the moment and also to the refugee "crises" that are engulfing big chunks of the world - particularly Europe right now. Those refugee crises are the direct result of the belief expressed above and the consequent human misery.It's also the reason for the perpetuation of the endless problems in Ireland, Sri Lanka, Africa, etc.

I'd like to see all of the meddling by Westerners in other nations affairs ended ... but there's no simple solution to those problems ...

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September 1, 2015

Recording Alive and Alone - Day 7

Spent most of today figuring out how to play "She Don't Want Your Love". Came up with something completely different to everything I'd play on it before. Rather proud of that ... especially since the song has always been cowboy chords up to ths point. Really tried to extend my guitar playing chops on that one and I'm sure it will be better in the next edition.

At least it's now in the can ... and that's it for all of the guitar parts. They are rather rough and ready ... I recorded them without any click tracks or guides of any kind. Just pressed record and started playing while singing in my head.

Listening back, there are some interesting and unintended inflactions, some odd string and finger noices, a few crunches and clicks as the strap moved over me ... worse, some ridiculous changes in speed as I played bits I found easier and/or harder. I don' recall noticing them when I did the rough version with the singing while playing. Will have a listen and see if they are there ...

That took longer and was harder than expected.Obviously, more rehearsal and preparation time would have made for a better outcome and probably a faster process. Several songs I completely re-arranged on the spot - eg this one. I have no idea whether I can even sing it while playing this guitar part - it's far more inticate than anything I have played before. Need to rehearse it and find out!

So, now I need to spend a while catching up on "work" work (the stuff that pays the bills) and get back to this later. Vocals in October, hopefully ... in the meantime I'll try to post some examples of things I noticed. And I'll keep writing of course, can't help myself ...

Looking forward to it!!

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