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August 2, 2010

Review of Music Xray's S2O service

I read about Music Xray's S2O service in a LinkedIn forum and thought "what a great idea" so I signed up and entered The Genre Benders' album into the system (free). The "matches" the S2O system produces are based on mathematical analysis of the songs, not human ears, so I was curious as to the results. Thought I'd share my experiences of it.

Signup and upload worked seamlessly. Great interface, simple and easy to use.

I uploaded tracks on Thursday and got my first "match" messages on Sunday, August 1 (Australian time). Not every song got matched, but 6 of 11 got between one and six "probable" matches. Here's where I'm a bit discouraged.

The album's first track, "Long for the day", is an up-tempo acoustic-jazz tribute to Independent musicians and their lot in life. It got six matches, including "Internet Radio Airplay - Reggae - 100 Spins for $35" and "Love Songs wanted for compilation project ". It is neither reggae nor a love song.

Interestingly, the album's second track "Dancing with the Stones" IS reggae-based. It also got 6 matches, including "Internet Radio Airplay - Pop - 100 Spins for $35" but did not get matched to the reggae opportunity mentioned above.

The album's Lullabye, entitled "Lullabye", got three matches, including "Seeking New Music Talent Specializing in Darker Music Genres".

And here's the kicker: my Hillbilly lovesong, "Heart's with you", got three matches, including "Seeking songs for Lucas Hoge" but when, within hours of receiving the email, I clicked on this opportunity, the page said it had expired 2 days earlier and would provide no way for me to contact the provider.

Now, I have, for some time, had a serious aversion to these "opportunity" websites, including Sonicbids and so on. I'm not challenging the authenticity of those involved in this approach the 21st century music business but, to my way of thinking, paying for a product or service is BUSINESS, but paying for an "opportunity" is gambling. I won't gamble with my music.

Elsewhere in the LinkedIn forums, Mike started an interesting discussion called "You Can’t Spell Music Business without 'Business'".

I'll post his response to my experience of Music Xray's S2O service and also want to hear about other experiences people have had with it or similar. I'm hoping that the algorithms S2O uses are being refined and will actually contribute something to the music business in future.

Please persuade me that my aversion is unjustified ...

Posted by Huge at August 2, 2010 12:57 PM

Wow, a greatly well articulated and on the money review....you are right on!
Music xray is a SCAM!!!
Sonic bids makes million$ so this is just simply competition for a piece of the pie.

I agree, there is no rhyme or reason to the s2o matching thing...whatta joke!


I would never give this guy a dime...

I used sonicbids for a little while and got selected for 'opportunities' that were indeed real but didn't result in anything... everything that seemed like a dream opportunity I submitted for NEVER got selected....YET my music sells well on iTunes et al and I get plenty radio airplay on my own and I get great reviews so these scam opportunities don't add up or match the success I get from my own efforts and connections.

Most of the opportunities on these sites are from unknown labels/companies who are here today gone tomorrow.
So the best advice is to steer clear and stay far away from music xray, sonicbids and all the other vultures who scam $5 a pop but it does add up for them if enough suckers take the bait.

I advise artists to submit to college and indie radio on their own. I f your music and production is solid then you will get played, but played in a good way as in your music being played to thousands...not being played for a sucker and a fool. :-)
Play lots of gigs to get noticed...if you are good then you will get more gigs and you'll get noticed and sell ur merch at ur gis and people will buy it if they like you and ur tunes.

That is REAL advice and not foolish gambling as mentioned here...and this blog is correct. =D

I know hundreds of artists who are talented with great music that's well produced and not one has ever had tangible success/results with music xray, sonic bids and all the others. We/they do have success from selling on iTunes, playing gigs and submitting to college radio.
Caveat emptor buyer beware don't fall for the scams and they go to thin air! :-) Thanks!

Posted by: scambuster at October 2, 2011 6:05 PM

have to agree, blew 40 bucks on one of their jokers and even before my piece was cut to ribbons , a good day prior to, xray sends me a note in regards to not getting selected tying to offer me a cut rate on one of their other joke critics.... what a farce.... looks like a good thing...for them, don't waste your dreams on wishful thinking...

Posted by: R at July 22, 2012 1:00 PM

Big Red Flag is the S2O 'matching system'.

I uploaded heavy metal/hard rock songs with male vocals and receive an email from music xray that my songs were matched to appropriate/possible opportunities...

The opportunities were "Hip-Hop/R&B artist/label needs songs' , submit music to Hip-Hop/R&B Radio station, "A&R for major label seeks hit songs for female country music artists"

NONE of my songs are even close to being a match ANY opportunities I receive from music xray.... Dolly Parton's Producer isn't going to select one of my spead death metal so 'NO THANKS' that from them if they even truly are connected to music xray...lol

Mike McCready...people NEED PROOF...not just your words... set up videos of real A&R's walking into record label fiices, passing thru security, showing badges, i.d.'s, beng verified...show them at work in their record label office,gold records in the wall....show industry pros that people KNOW...not unknowns that could be made up and fictitious and perhaps just "actors"...

I have been inside a major label building so I know it's quite a process to get inside.... it would help your credibility if you proved you have connections and access with the labels you claim too by taping your entrance into said buildings and taping interviews with known A&R's and Producers etc....not actors you hired though...

Here's a suggestion Mike, one that can help your integrity/credibility.... YOU and your staff peruse through music submitted to you/music xray and YOU/music xray submits the best songs with most commercial potential to music A&R's and if an artists song(s) is/are accepted by label etc...then you, music xray will receive money'percentage for your/their efforts in successfully placing music in TV/radio or perhaps getting a deal done.

Reverb Nation has MANY FREE opportunities with NO submission fee...

I submit to several FREE Reverb Nation opportunities as Reverb Nation has been around for a long time and has credibility and integrity.

Reverb Nation built trust and a strong reputation with artists long before they began providing industry opportunities. Reverb Nation provided and still provides FRE romotional tools/widgets/free radio, FREE fan attracting tools, fan email lists...and much much more....they have premium tools at a cost however Reverb Nation has most things most artists really need for free at no charge.

before you go asking $4 for submission fees....try proving yourself in the music industry and community first by building trust and integrity with artists first...in other words...GIVE artists free promotional tools/utilities first, before asking for money from artists.

You simply haven't proven to me and many others you are connected to the music industry/label execs/A&R's.....you SAY YOU ARE...but no tangible evidence/proof.... just your hot air words and slick sales pitch....which most of us aren't buying one bit....

Sorry, but not only wll I never pay you/music xray $4...I will never give you one penny.... why should I? Reverb Nation has a ton of totally FREE submission opportunities.

Music xray cannot compete with Reverb Nation and other music industry services.... just ain't happening.... charltans :-)

Posted by: Mark Macgriedy at July 25, 2012 8:06 AM

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