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January 22, 2007

The day of many Kates

Saturday was interesting. We went into the City for a bit of a day out. First we had a great feed at the Pancake Manor in Charlotte Street - always good value. Then we walked down the hill to Archive's Fine Books, where we spent an hour or so looking at things we really couldn't afford - though Angie got some beauties about the history of childbirth practices (her thesis topic).

When we left there, Angie and the kids went to Borders Bookstore, while I went in search of a Sanity music store to use up my Christmas present voucher. It took me a long time to find, but I eventually (with the help of an Internet cafe) found the Sanity in Queen's Plaza. Fortunately, they were having the biggest sale ever, so I got 3 CDs for $30. Also, on my journey, I saw a Mall performance by Kate Miller Heidke, which was lovely. Wish I could have stayed for more.

But it was when I returned to Borders that things got really unusual. When I got to the children's section, I looked at this rather pretty young woman and thought "Gee, you look like that movie star ..." (whose name I couldn't remember). When I mentioned this to Angie, she said "that's who it is, Kate Hudson!" Sure enough, it was her - being lovely to my daughter Katie. Apparently, Katie had joined in while Kate read her son Ryder called "Who's in the Loo?", so Kate read it to Katie and then discussed Australian children's authors with Angie, who couldn't remember who she was, either.

After Angie realised, we agreed to buy the book and ask Kate if she'd sign it for Katie as a souvenir of this wonderful mother-to-mother moment, which she did. She was so nice and we tried to be discreet - I don't know that anyone else in the store had a clue - they certainly didn't make a fuss. I'm a big fan of "Almost Famous", which was the movie that put Kate on the map - she won a Golden Globe (Best Supporting Actress) for it. I actually first got it out because I love Noah Taylor's work ... but it is the best Rock N Roll movie ever. By coincidence, I had the DVD in my player when I met her.

So, that was my day of make Kates: Katie my daughter, Kate Miller-Heidke the singer and Kate Hudson the movie star. I feel like a bit of a gusher but I just had to share this experience.

Update: apparently Kate was in town to see Jet at the Big Day Out - taking a break from filming up north. How lovely of her.

Posted by Hughie at January 22, 2007 8:00 AM

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