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July 2, 2005

Well, that makes sense, I guess ...

It's absolutely despicable - and clearly indicative of the mindset in this country - that the Live 8 concert won't be shown live. Instead, Channel Nine will show Wimbeldon - featuring no Aussies, BTW - with a potted Live 8 version with local interference and interviews on Sunday night. Pathetic! Gutless!!

Of course, this is a nightmare decision for any programming director and I (sports nut that I am) would hate to confront it myself. However, the result is a clear indication of priorities. Where we could wach a genuine attempt to change the world and make life better for millions, we will instead watch the bastion of teh establishement - tennis - being played by millionnaire Western athletes for not reason other than self-aggrandisement and broadcast for no reason other than profit.

I remember sitting up to watch the original Live Aid concert in 1985. I even bvorrowed mum and dad's spare tv and put it in my room. I don't remember much of it but I remember the atmosphere, the feeling of optimism and the young Madonna (and U2, though I couldn't figure out what they were on about at the time). The experience helped shape my worldview and define my sense of what was right, what was wrong, and (in the long run) what was possible.

It's a tragedy to realise that young Australians 20 years later will not experience the same wonderous, eye-opening event. Typical of John Howard's myopic, soulless Australia to show the potted version, with local talents who missed performing because of a stuff-up ...

Personally, if I'd been the Wimbeldon organisers I'd have postponed all games scheduled for tonight for 24 hours. I hope it arins and washes out the day's play ... that would be some justice.

Posted by Hughie at July 2, 2005 6:14 PM

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