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February 11, 2005

History repeating??

Someone pointed this out to me the other day aand I just had to note it here for future reference: The election in Iraq is a significant and important step along the road to a more peaceful world, but it's not nearly as clearly a leap forward as certain people would have us believe. We've been here before.

According to CNN.com, the President Bush said of the election:

"Today the people of Iraq have spoken to the world, and the world is hearing the voice of freedom from the center of the Middle East.

"In great numbers and under great risk, Iraqis have shown their commitment to democracy. By participating in free elections, the Iraqi people have firmly rejected the anti-democratic ideology of the terrorists. They have refused to be intimidated by thugs and assassins.

"The commitment to a free Iraq now goes forward. This historic election begins the process of drafting and ratifying a new constitution, which will be the basis of a fully democratic Iraqi government."

However, on September 4, 1967, The New York Times reported:

"US Encouraged by Vietnam Vote"

"United Staes officials were surprised and heartened today at the size of turnout in South Vietnam's presidential elecion despite a Vietcong terrorist campaign to disrupt the voting.

"A successful election has long been seen as the keystone in President Johnson's policy of encouraging the growth of constitutional processes in South Vietnam. The election was the culmination of a constitutional development that began in January, 1966, to which President Johnson gave his personal commitment when he met Premier Ky and General Thieu, the chief of state, in Honolulu in February.

"The purpose of the voting was to give legitimacy to the Saigon Government, which has been founded only on coupsand power plays since November, 1963, when President Ngo Dinh Diem was overthrown by a military Junta."

We all know now that the war in Vietman raged for another eight years and ended with none of that "democratic" apparatus in place. I just hope this horror is not repeated in Iraq.

Posted by Hughie at February 11, 2005 9:43 AM

And I thought you were going to make a "Split Enz" reference .....

Posted by: Mad_as_Hell_old_Bugger at February 14, 2005 10:34 AM

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