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September 26, 2004

Another Idol moment

A few notes on tonight's performances:

Casey: A trademark powerful performance but it seemed to lack something. Went for the big note at the end and hit it big but didn't do much with it ... hmmmm ... nothing wrong, exactly but I'm still not a fan. Didn't move well.

Courtney: Yet another great showing. Perfect singing, but he's gonna have to start to move a bit more if he wants to get to the end of this (this is a disco show!!). Did work the crowd well in the breakdown. Loved the falsetto/rock ending. :-) Dicko and Mark were right, too.

Chanel: This genre was always going to be a tough one for Chanel - she just doesn't sing this way. Took a while to warm up to being in tune, but moved OK, if tentatively, and worked the crowd a bit. The arrangement was ... interesting. Finished strongly. Mark and Dicko were both right again - so was Marcia. She'll do better in the other genres if she survives this week.

Daniel: Disco was gonna be a challenge to Daniel, too. Also sarted a little pitchy ... moved more than before, but needs to do more. I wonder whether this was in the right key for him ... . Certainly showed off his range, but phrasing was a problem ... just didn't do it for me. As with Chanel, the judges were right agin ...

Ricky-Lee: Disco's her thing and it showed. Also started a little pichy and tentative ... but hit her straps and went there. Showed how it's meant to be done - let it all hang out vocally, moved with purpose ... Good stuff!! I share Mark's concern, though.

Haley: Also well prepared for the visual aspects - looked fabulous! The jazzy start was a good idea but didn't quite work ... seemd a bit stilted somehow. Warmed up after the big note and the breakdown/keychange. Obviously not her strongest suit. This was the first song that wasn't a little pitchy ...

Anthony: His training was always going to stand him in good stead here, but there was a risk that he'd do the plastic thing. I don't know that he did on this occasion, but ... something wasn't right. Mark agreed with me, so did Dicko. Perhaps it was the song choice - it was certainly a technically perfect performance. Moved well, sang well ... but ...

Marty: Starting sitting down was cheesy. Interesting song choice - not sure it worked. Marty doesn't have the right kind of falsetto to pull the Bee Gees off ... solid but not spectacular. Marcia was right about his comfort level. Disco's not his thing, either.

Emilia: Bit pitchy - highlighted by the backing vocals. Started without confidence ... great legs (Marcia agreed) ... not enough big notes ... keychanges were a little shaky and all went down. Should have been great but her voice is just not there ... looked more 80s (Sheena Easton) than 70s ... but "Pauline Hanson" is a bit rough.

Great to hear so many key changes in one night. But Dicko was right - they make life harder and are unnecessary. Still, they go with the territory.

So, who's gone? I think Chanel, Emelia (again) and Daniel ... probably in that order.

My favourite is now definitely Ricky-Lee ... closely followed by Anthony ...

Posted by Huge at September 26, 2004 9:58 PM

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