• How the record industry got it so wrong V1.2

"a tremendous resource for any indie musician who wants to take their career to the next phase,
namely making money from their craft

Tommy Byrnes, Sovereignty Music Services

Unlearn what you know about how the music industry works! This ebook presents revolutionary concepts that will change the way you think about being a musician. It will help you build a music business foundation aimed at achieving your goals and enabling a satisfying music career rather than a frustrating quest to "get signed" and "break through".

"very insightful and provides a great guide to the indie artist
Linda Bonadies, Independent singer/songwriter.

This revised and upgraded version contains the exercise handout from Dr Huge's highly acclaimed workshop: "The step-by-step music career". Put the principles into action and reach for your dreams now.

"It's really great book, so much fun to read it and there are so many interesting facts of music history"
Nataliya Medvedovskaya, award-winning composer, concert pianist, and songwriter.

This concise introductory book shows you:

  1. The real reason for the massive decline in CD sales since 2000;
  2. Why digital sales will never make up the difference;
  3. The true value of music in society;
  4. The four types of value your music career should generate;
  5. The three sources of value for your music career;
  6. How to capture that value in your music business;
  7. How to structure your musical activities to best make a living from your music;
  8. The missing ingredient in most music marketing plans;
  9. When giving your music away adds value to your music career; and
  10. What life as an Independent musician will be like into the future.

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Intro: How did we get here?
Part 1: The trouble with music.
Pulling the wool over the sheep's eyes
Ancients, Aborigines and Africans
Let’s come together and sing His praises.
It’s not about you, it’s about me
Thanks for nothing, Anne!
Edison and Tom Anderson were blind and dumb
The audience is listening (and buying)
The technological Gypsy Tap
Part 2: Music, huh? What is it good for?
So what IS music?
The irrational consumer 
There's more to life than money
Play it again, Sam 
Come on and love me! 
Cause it feels so empty without me 
The musician’s third leg
It’s all for you!
The boys are back in town
We do what we can
The ghost in the machine
Part 3: Your Glorious Musical Future
These things will change, can you feel it now?
It’s still a long way to the top
It's cheap but it's not that easy
‘How-to’ is the new ‘What’
The power lies in the network
5 principles for the digital future 
Third Legs, Tentacles and Trust
       Play the music, not the instrument
To thine own self be true
       From little things big things grow
Music like exercise
Conclusion: 10 steps to your Glorious Musical Future

Appendix 1: The Step-by-Step Music Career handout
Appendix 2: The Band Lifecycle
Appendix 3: Resources

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How the record industry got it so wrong V1.2

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