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Bun' Ber E's Ceilidh: a party in a packet! Toe-tapping traditonal tunes with an irreverent Aussie twist. Perfect for dancing, driving or any celebration.

Bun' Ber E (taken from Oscar Wilde's Importance of Being Ernest) grew out of the need to provide variety to the Queensland Irish Association's award-winning Pipe Band's concerts in 1996. Two of the pipers and the drum sargent auditioned for a guitarist and formed a four-piece folk band with flute/whistle, keyboards, percussion and guitar/mandolin.

Because of the number of strictly traditional Celtic bands around Brisbane, Bun' Ber E tried to make things different to suit their unusual backgrounds and line-up. This included playing the bagpipes with bass guitar, church organ and bongos for backing.

The band soon found extra work entertaining patrons in the Club on Friday nights and then playing at weddings and parties. Soon they found themselves playing as "paid buskers" at craft markets and Southbank.

After some lineup changes and four years of people asking about a CD, Bun' Ber E recorded Ceilidh at Murdifications Studios in a single weekend in December 2000 and released it for sale in January. The band tried to focus on up-tempo traditional tunes played in non-traditional ways, and the initial run sold out faster than expected, with support from Celtic community radio programs and the ABC.

The songs were recorded as a group initially, with Trevor, the 13-year-old son of the Flute, whistle and bagpipe player, Malcolm, playing Bodhran on some tracks. Bass guitar, percussion and vocals were added later. The only constant was Andrew's keyboards, which needed no overdubs (clever boy).

Reviews in the home of piping led to Ceilidh being one of the few foreign recordings featured on the wall at the Piping Institute in Glasgow, Scotland. It also proved very popular among the local Highland and Irish dancing communities, and was added to the Australian Screen and Sound Archive. When sales exceeded expectation, Bun' Ber E were persuaded to make the CD available to a larger audience through the Internet.

This is the result: Bun' Ber E's debut CD, Celidh. Traditional tunes with a twist. Mozart dances on the bagpipes with the Irish Washerwoman with bass and bongos; a Latin lament, and some cracking jigs and reels from Down Under.

Track listing:


1. Rights of Man/King of the Fairies 4:03
2. Ragtime Pipers/Sandy's New Chanter 3:17
3. Spancil Hill 3:40
4. Miller of Glanmire/Fairhaired Boy/Tenpenny Bit 3:31
5. Maid of Fife-e-o 3:30
6. Liberton Pipe Band/Spanish Ladies/Galliopede 3:14
7. Drowsy Maggie/Soldier's Joy/Wind that Shakes the Barley/Teetotal 4:08
8. Braes O' Mar/Devil's in the Kitchen/Macarthur Road Reel 2:43
9. Fields of Athenry 6:24
10. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik/Irish Washerwoman/Jig O' Slurs 2:28


Ceilidh CD

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