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Huge tries really hard to ensure that no-one can come to any harm, physical, emotional, commercial or intellectual, as a result of using this site. However, sometimes things go wrong, and for that reason Huge makes absolutely no warranties, guarantees or promises whatsoever. This site and its content are provided purely as entertainment and should not be relied upon as the basis for any decisions you might make.

If you use this site, you do so at your own risk; Huge accepts no responsibility for anything that happens to you. However, should something happen to you, whether as a result of using this site or not, Huge hopes you recover quickly and go on to enjoy the rest of your existence.

If a product you purchase through after following links from this site is defective, you should take the matter up with the third-party vendor. They are responsible for manufacture and distribution of those products.

Intellectual property.

Unless stated otherwise, the contents of this web site are the property of Hugemusic, and Australian business owned by Hugh Brown. All rights to it are reserved.

However, at Huge's discretion, it is all covered by a form of "copyleft". You can do whatever you like with any of it as long as that use is not a commercial one. Should you wish to derive any income or other financial benefit from the contents of this website, you are requested to contact Huge and negotiate a sharing arrangement: royalties, dividends ... or something. Should you wish to perform any of these songs or play any of the recordings pubicly, please report the date and name of the song(s) to APRA. Huge's APRA songwriter ID is 1881 574 36.

Even better, Huge is very pleased to help you gain financial benefits for your efforts by helping to sell it for you on this site - provided he considers it up to standard. Please send your adaptaions, performances, etc to Huge and he'll let you know if he's happy to sell them and split the proceeds with you.

Please note also that some of this material is here by kind permission of other people and is therefore not Huge's to give away. Please respect those people's rights - you can contact them via Huge.

Huge is fairly easy-going but very egotistical, so he exterts moral rights to be acknowledged as the source of this content on every occasion as well. He's sure his co-creators would expect the same - and thinks that's fairly reasonable. You might even find that acknowledgement is all the payment required, too, but please contact Huge and negotiate that point.


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