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August 24, 2018

Forever Mine - Three's Company version for Tetrafasi

I have decided to direct my creative efforts towards making a demo of the Tetrafasi concept focusing on making four versions of just one song: Forever Mine. I do this in the hope that the concept and its practical reality becomes clearer to people who might back it. I have found that this is one of those situations where it's all very clear to me, but others don't pick it up easily.

So, I will re-write the song as per the NSAI feedback, and also produce a version in line with the "Three's Company", "Banding Together", and "Sky's The Limit" templates. Since I have no cash and very little time, I'll do everything on the demo versions myself ... see what happens. Once it's done I'll post it all here and use it to support applications for grants.

So next version is the trio version. To keep things simple I thought I'd go with Guitar/stomp, violin and Cello. Three voices - not needed much for this one. I'd love to do someting more novel/interesting - and I had a great Jam on this tune with Robin Etter-Cleave at the Pullenvale Folk Festival after-party. She played Tenor Flute on it and it sounded wicked! I wanna get her to play on the real thing when Tetrafasi can pay her for her efforts.

In the meantime, I will arrange a cello part. Of course, I'll have to program the Violin and Cello (good thing I have Komplete on my Pro Tools 9 rig, which has Kontact, which has some awesome string sounds), since I don't either and probably would struggle to play them well enough if I did. This is one of the points of Tetrafasi: to show how cool it is when other people's ideas and playig styles get added to the mix. That usually throws up all sorts of great possiblities ...

I'll try to document as much of this as I can each day. I've already started - have the guitars and stomp box down. Will be able to work on it Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I think ...

What do you think? What would you do with the arrangement of this song? Tell us below ...

Posted by Huge at August 24, 2018 8:28 AM

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