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July 23, 2018

Week 3 update - slow but steady

Last week went a little better from the point of view of my ability to predit what would happen and manage my time accordingly. Tuesday was nearly spot on, Thursday pretty close ... the rest not even:

Hugemusic Time Management Week3Of course, the trouble with Tuesday was the amount of Day Job blues in it. That was actually a job interview for anawesome oportunity that might change things up significantly. Long shot, but would set up the next three years if it comes off ... I'll let you know.

The Volunteering was for the Pullen Vale Folk Festival. I helped out last year and was happy to do so again but my beloved was not well on the day, so we just popped up for a while. My show was not ready to play there this year, but it's a goal for 2019. Along with other festival shows.

The good thing about it was my inviation to the after-party at The Retro Bar (the Social time) at which I opened the jam session. Grabbed a few of the other performers to join in impromptu and played some percussion for them in return. Found myself some potential future collaborators in the process ... some amazing musicians were there and a great night was had by all ... watch this space on that one.

My Day Job commitments will increas in the next few weeks, but I've booked a gig to play at Wests Panthers inaugural Indigenous Day this Sunday, so that's the first gig for the year. It's 2 hours of covers ... but a great club and well worth the effort. My boy will be playing on the day ... honoured to be there. (MST PRACTICE COVERS!)

Used my tax return to buy some wireless in-ear monitors and a guitar system to finish setting up the show. Drum loops are coming on OK - will post some practice videos soon.

Thing are progressing OK but slowly. Big decisions coming, much practice and production to do ahead. If you have any suggestions for managing that please let me know ...

Posted by Huge at July 23, 2018 11:46 AM

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