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April 30, 2008

Australian Music In Tune?

Puh-lease! Will someone wake the major music industry bodies up?? This is getting ridiculous.

How out-of-touch do they ant to seem? This initiative is pathetic, and a PR disaster. It's the sort of idea you'd expect a bunch of pissed footballers to come up with, laugh about and then be glad they didn't carry out.

To start with, you don't make things like this just downloadable, you stick them on places like Youtube and allow people to syndicate them as embedded objects. Duh! Spend the money on your bandwidth, it's trivial. Make it accessible and transparent and you might have some hope that they'll engage with it.

Second, you don't give an initiative that so obviously smacks of desperation a name that can be so easily parodied. In Tune? More like Out of Touch. At least if they'd gotten some genuine indies involved, instead of a parade of the bland and banal crap they've been propagating recently (sorry, Barnesy, but your interesting days are behind you. Ditto the Veronicas) they might have had some credibility.

Third, what? You can swap our propaganda for free (for non-commercial purposes!) but not the stuff you're interested in? What kind of message is that? Confusing? Ambiguous? Cynical? Surely not ...

Fourth, this site shows yet again that they simply don't get the new technologies. The names on this page should all link the bands/acts/artists. There should be discussion boards hanging off the site that tie in with events linked to viewing the damn doco. Get the "stars" actually in touch with people. If you want to generate empathy, anonymic distance doesn't cut the mustard - it just reinforces the perception of arrogance and insincerity.

I could go on but I'd like to watch the thing before I do. Maybe there's something magical about seeing people with the full backing of an Multinational Corporation reassure me that they suffer when I do something that my computer is designed to do that will cause a change of heart ...

Yeah, right!!

Posted by Hughie at April 30, 2008 1:31 PM

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