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October 11, 2007

Not Radiohead, Regurgitator!

Like the sheep I can sometimes be, I defied my track record of finding Radiohead's music boring and art-wanky and downloaded the free new album. I paid nothing for it, on the promise that I'd send them something if it was as awesome as they are supposed to be. I think I got the price right!

I downloaded it this morning and played it at the first opportunity. Not only did it reinforce my view of Radiohead as the most over-rated and boring band in history, but it sheeted home to me how good Regurgitator's new album, which was next on my playlist, is. Full of hooks, interesting sounds and energy, but loaded with the same cheeky energy as their live show, which I caught as a showcase at the Big Sound conference. Even more lucky, I was given a free copy of both Regurgitator's and I Heart Hiroshima's new albums by their manager, Paul Curtis. (Curtis is a great guy and every Indie who meets him should use the opportunity to get inside that head - if you can. He's incredible the way he gets what he needs for his bands. learn from his approach!)

Both of these are Brissie bands and, while I found I Heart Hiroshima less than personally gratifying, I can see why a lot of people love their stuff and I can see a great future for them. This is the first Regurgitator album I've owned, despite sharing rehearsal space with them in the early '90s and watching a heap of their early shows. I just never quite got their vibe - until now. They have the same quirky energy that I think my music does ... perhaps it's a Brissie thing not to take it all too seriously.

Anyway, I love it and urge everyone to support the 'Gurge and ignore the bloated art-bombast of over-hyped Pommies ...

(More on their business approach, which IS interesting, later)

Update: people who disagree with me about Radiohead can be found here and here and, for the complete masochist in me, here. Seems I'm in the minority, but I'm happy to revisit the question in 20 years ...

Posted by Hughie at October 11, 2007 12:02 PM

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