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March 24, 2007

Getting closer

OK, the album is slowly getting closer. I'm really happy with the way So far Away is coming up, though I'm perplexed about the chorus - it needs something to lift it a bit. Perhaps some backing vocals, or another guitar ... apart from that, all that's left on that one is the final vocals.

Started work on Dirty yesterday ... well, actually, resumed is a better word. The riffery is awesome (thanks, Tristan) and the rest is very straightforward. This one is gonna have a more poppy feel - perhaps a synth bass and lots of keys. Kind of like the production on the Bodyrockers' I like the way you move. I was struck by that idea listening to the radio the other day ...

This Sunday afternoon I'll record some guitar leads for Heart's With You, 12 Good Bars and True and Mighty Fine Day with Matt Mikkelsen. That should finish them off apart from the final vocals and then I'll have four done ... five if you include Lullabye, which only needs Cath's vocals ... and maybe a new, cleaner, guitar part ...

I still haven't put much effort into Simplicity and Maniac but they're much older songs and I will have less development to do on them. They're basically arranged and just need to be taped ... but that will take time ... I need to get into Astral Traveller soon, though I did lots of work finishing that one when I was rehearsing the accoustic set.

Long for the Day is pretty much done apart from the sax and bass parts, which I want to rehearse separately and together with Pete and Willy respectively. I had a great bash with Pete last Sunday and worked out a lot of what will happen. Actually, I've re-done the guitars on that one but I'm not entirely happy the recording. I did it all by myself and it's a little ... sloppy ... so I might re-do it with the help of an engineer so I can concentrate on the performance.

That only leaves Raindrops, which I've fleshed out but can't do much with until I record the final vocals (which I wanna do in a single period with help from Adam); Cry to Heaven, which I need to revisit but it's pretty much arranged - I just need to redo the parts in a different key; and Dancing with the Stones, which is pretty much done except that I need to decide whether to go with real brass or synth brass or a combination ... I'm not sure I have a horn section handy ... and redo the vocals.

So there we have it: Progressing OK. Wish it was happening faster but, well, it isn't and I'm learning all the way ...

Posted by Huge at March 24, 2007 10:19 AM

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