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August 21, 2006

Raindrops (What might be and what is ...)

I wrote this one years ago during a storm. I was sitting on my parents' mountainside front verandah watching it steam in from the coast and thinking about all the little things and little people that get lost among the everyday concerns we obsess over. Somehow the metaphor just seemed perfect. A couple of weeks ago I found it in the bottom of one of my piles of writings and gave it a good polish.

I'm working on a version with very little background music - just sounds. Live, I perform it a capella. It's in A minor but has a very simple melody with two variations. Streaming version can be heard here and the bootleg download is here.

Update: If you feel generous you can now buy the version of this song released on The Genre Benders' debut CD "I am leaving! I am leaving!" from iTunes, or GroupieTunes, or Payplay.FM. If you have a different favourite online store, search for it there and if it's not there, let me know so I can put it there.


Today I watched a raindrop die
I stood alone and wondered why
In truth I have no alibi
Except to blame the weather.

A million raindrops died today
I fell beside them all the way
But why they died I cannot say
We didn't die together.

There came a rainbow in the dawn
It said the raindrops were reborn
And for the rain I should not mourn
Between the showers.

I'd like to know what makes them fall
What makes the raindrops die at all?
That by their deaths I may stand tall
Among the flowers.


Please note This song is APRA registered: Work ID GW09004954; ISWC T-060144693-8. You can copy, reproduce and distribute any part of these lyrics for any non-commercial purpose as long as you acknowledge its source. I'm interested in your feedback, comments, suggestions. If you make something good out of it, let me know and I'll consider adding it to this site.

If you perform it or broadcast it for any purpose, please let APRA know.

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Posted by Hughie at August 21, 2006 11:07 AM

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