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July 6, 2006

How sweet it is ...

I've just realised that since this blog began, Queensland has not won the Origin series. Well, now they have.

And what a win. Had to overcome the Blues AND some disgraceful refereeing decisions. It takes great courage and determination to come back in a game like that from 10 points behind but to do it after a heart-breaking intercept and two non-tries is truly reflective of the Queensland spirit. Well done, boys. Awesome!

Readers from overseas and other states may not realise what State of Origin means to Queenslanders. It's the ultimate little brother story. Queensland was created to house the worst convicts from Sydney - the rejects' rejects. Despite being richer in natural resources and larger in area, Queensland has always been belittled by New South Wales' status as Australia's commercial hub.

In sporting terms, this led to Sydney sporting clubs being able to pay talented Queenslanders more money to play in Sydney than they could earn in Brisbane - which meant that in interstate games, Queensland-born talent used to play for NSW and beat the resident Queenslanders, which sucked royally. In 1980, however, we played an "origin" game, where the Queenslanders who'd been playing in Sydney combined with the best of the Qld residents and walloped the Blues. A legend was born ...

Renowned NSW coach Phil "Gus" Gould is absolutely spot on when he says that State of Origin means more to Qlders than to the Blues. In their arrogance, the Blues just don't get it (as the sociologists would say, "power is invisible from above"). Of course, it was this key understanding that made Gus the most successful Origin coach ...

As Willie Mason put it last night: "That's Origin. That's Queensland. It's ridiculous..." :-)

So, winning the Origin is Queensland's way of saying "you can buy our talent, but you can never own our soul!" The ultimate Up Yours!

Get it??

Posted by Hughie at July 6, 2006 9:21 AM
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