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June 1, 2006

Long for the Day (take 2)

Re-wrote this one after getting some songwriting advice from Jimmy Webb and Sammy Cahn. The original version is here. Also re-recorded it (MP3, 3MB - streaming version here) for a presentation to QUT. I think it's better but still has a way to go - got some feedback on phrasing that I'll build in for the next version.

Update: If you feel generous you can now buy the version of this song released on The Genre Benders' debut CD "I am leaving! I am leaving!" from iTunes, or GroupieTunes, or Payplay.FM. If you have a different favourite online store, search for it there and if it's not there, let me know so I can put it there.

Update: Youtube now makes standard video of songs release through CDBaby. Here's this one:


I get up. I face the day unfolding before me.
And oh, I feel down when I think about a nine-to-five grind.
Well I don't need to feed my ego with money.
So I try to look around:
Try to find reason,
I'm waiting for the season,
I'll finally reap what I have sown.

Got a girl who thinks there's something special about me.
Hey we get down and forget about the nine-to-five grind.
Got some friends who sing a song to brighten their night-time.
So we all got the blues,
Guitars at 20 paces,
A sea of smiling faces,
I'm paying my dues.
And I long for the day when that?s all I have to do.

No more traffic, no more tools
No more fixin' for fools
No more Yes Sir or Ma'am!
Gonna be who I am

I just wanna play
Wanna give this work away
They ain't got a clue
I'll bid them Adieu
Yeah, I long for the day, when that's all I have to do.

Got a dream that some day I'll be somebody special.
Yeah I got a plan to get me out to make my way.
But it's so hard. A helping hand can make it seem easy.
So we all play along,
Laughing and writing,
Loving and fighting,
Singing our song,
And I long for the day when that's all I have to do.

Oh Yeah! Said I -

How 'bout you? I know I -

Chorus x 3


Please note: This song is APRA registered: Work Id GW33369808; ISWC T-060669720-4. You can copy, reproduce and distribute any part of these lyrics and chords for any non-commercial purpose as long as you acknowledge its source. I'm interested in your feedback, comments, suggestions. If you make something good out of it, let me know and I'll consider adding it to the site.

If you perform it or broadcast it for any purpose, please let APRA know.

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Posted by Huge at June 1, 2006 11:33 AM


good lyrics. you know you're somebody special
when you don't have to work for fools and you see
your life's work cut out for you.

Bill Thurman

Posted by: Bill Thurman at June 2, 2009 3:27 PM

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