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September 12, 2004

Still being Idol

Didn't post last week following the Jakarta bombing. Thought Thursday night's show was interesting, but don't have time to go into it here.

Tonight I'll try to give an entrant-by-entrant critique in order - then a summary and prediction ...

Casey: Interesting song choice - a ballad. Obviously hasn't learned the lesson about "rocking the joint". Fairly pitchy in places and had no confidence in her diction and phrasing. I don't think her big voice at the end made up for it on this occasion. Looked awkward for a girl who just sent a week with a choreographer.

Dan: Used that "nice guy" appeal thing to perfection in the footage. Then, like Casey, didn't move much at all - though he walked with confidence. Was a bit pitchy early and late, but made the big notes when it counted. He's not going anywhere - Mark's right.

Emelia: played up the random talent thing during the footage. Sang without precision early. Dodged the big notes - probably because she can't hit them - we saw that on Thursday night. Pretty ordinary - quite sloppy, I thought. Last week I thought she should try Pink and I was listening to that album today - didn't think she'd pull it off and still don't.

Still waiting to be rocked ...

Anthony: Showed some humility in the footage - which was good to see. Thought the song choice was ordinary, but I hate that stuff. He certainly did it well - showed some genuine feel and, although the song has no big notes, he finished on one anyway. Looked like he enjoyed it and he's not going anywhere.

Hayley: Seemed an honest blonde in the footage. Great song, didn't need to stuff with the intro. Still had that pubs-n-clubs feel, though a cut better than average. Lacked conviction ... just not quite there. Dicko was right about the movements - and I shared Mark's reservations.

Amali: The footage had no surprises - she's a young woman lacking a little confidence. Semed to be a victim of the poor sound quality of the night. Squibbed the big notes and sang well within herself. Worked the crowd well and is soooo pretty. Certainly reached out tonight and moved forward. She's not going anywhere this week.

Obviously there's a lot evident in the live performances that's not coming through the TV ...

Courtney: Came across as a great tryer in the footage. Interesting, if a little obscure, song choice. Showed the benefits of the movement lessons and sang with his usual control and gusto. He's not going anywhere.

Chanel: Came across as honest but prepared to try in the footage. Interesting song choice - Shirley's a class act. Good to see she stuck to her slinky approach rather than going for Shirley's power. Did it well ... in her own way, as usual. Rose to a new level tonight. She's not going anywhere.

Daniel: Genuinely can't move - but with his voice, that's not a problem. No idea what the song was but, as usual, he sang it well with only a few glitches. Needs to get busier - away from the ballads. Tend to agree with Dicko rather than Mark ... though I get Mark's point.

Marty: Looked like a complete rocker in the movement sessions. Obscure song choice but started solidly. Sounded limited when he went to the falsetto notes. Finished strongly but I was waiting for it by the end. I agree with Mark and Dicko - interesting that he was not well. I didn't notice, which is good.

Still waiting to be rocked.

Ricky-Lee: Came across as really enjoying movement. Sounded a lot like Beyonce, but her early movments lacked purpose. Outfit didn't do much for her. Certainly let it all hang out vocally. Didn't deliver on the promised booty-shaking! She's not going anywhere.

Still waiting to be rocked.

I should point out here that I'm a firm believer that Australian Idol is NOT a sining contest - it's popularity contest involving singers. Hence the observations on he footage and also on the other shows. Image will cover up for a lot - like Dan - but can also be a significant liability - like Angie and Casey. That's a pity, bu it reflects the views of the industry heavyweights like Dicko ...

OK, so ... my tips ... I think Casey and Hayley are clearly at the bottom of the pile tonight. Marty, Emilia and Daniel could be in trouble, too. Mainly because of song choice ...

Only time will tell.

Posted by Huge at September 12, 2004 8:04 PM

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